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In recent years, Beijing houriss Measuring & Control Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the vibration sensor, eddy current sensor, rotating machinery condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of exploration and research. A great deal of technical and manufacturing experience has been accumulated in improving the performance and long-term reliability of vibration sensors and eddy current displacement sensors. MLV series vibration speed sensor, MLW series eddy current displacement sensor and SHQ type high temperature piezoelectric accelerometer have been developed. It is hoped that it can provide more help for your equipment to run more safely and efficiently.
Professional technical team and sales team, the company has a group of high-quality, high level of technology, in the full vigour of life, for you to provide from the sensor, signal conditioning, data acquisition to the full set of test solutions for professional analysis, and improve the technical services. When there is a special need to address problems, can also be designed to meet the requirements of your products, Haoruisi products have been successfully applied in many large rotating machinery, and gradually replace imported products.
Products developed by the company are widely used in power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, steel, machinery manufacturing, paper making, pharmaceutical, aviation, railway and other industries and colleges and universities vibration teaching field. Efficient and scientific management methods, strict quality inspection system, and thoughtful after-sales service, to ensure the high quality of the product, but also won the majority of customers for the company. Reputation, quality, professional and efficient is our principle of service, in the future development of our company will continue to serve as the criterion, innovation, unity and enterprising, to provide more quality products and services for our customers.
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